Sustainable Development

Since the beginning of the project's development, Nemaska Lithium has diligently considered and incorporated the best sustainable, eco-friendly and operational practices in the industry. The project was designed to minimize its potential environmental and social impact.


The Whabouchi project mine site is located on Eeyou Istchee James Bay territory and was therefore subject to authorization process under the James Bay and Northern Québec Agreement (JBNQA), which Nemaska Lithium was granted with in September 2015. Regarding Federal permitting, the mining project was also subject to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (now the Impact Assessment Act) for which it received a positive result in July 2015. On the Québec side, the project underwent an environmental impact assessment and obtained a certificate of authorization by the provincial government pursuant to Section 22 of Québec’s Environment Quality Act (EQA) in September 2015.

With regards to the electrochemical plant to be located in Shawinigan, following a comprehensive review of the applicable legal requirements, this part of the project does not require any provincial or the federal ESIA process.

A set of provincial and municipal authorizations and permits will be required to commence mine and plant construction, with applications being filed concurrently with the construction work.


The objectives of the environmental monitoring program are to evaluate the effectiveness of mitigation and compensation measures set out in the Environmental and Social Impacts Assessment (ESIA), to track the development of certain valued environmental and social components, and to compare developments with pre-project conditions so as to identify trends or impacts arising from project activities or natural events. 

The final program will describe how the results of monitoring will be used to adjust or modify project design and/or the implementation of mitigation measures to improve the project from an environmental perspective. This monitoring will allow Nemaska Lithium to be proactive in the event of a specific environmental or social issue and take swift, effective action.


Environment Report 2016
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COMEX (Quebec) — Whabouchi Mine Project
IAAC (former CEAA)—Whabouchi Mine Project